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veenamomhm dadiivm1 5 6 I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it’ – Marilyn Monroe. This quote, perhaps more than any other, captures Veena Malik’s perennial angst. An anguish brought on by the constant stereotyping & objectification at the hands of an often chauvinistic ‘man’s world’. One that has reduced this faceted artist, to a mere one sided object-of-titillation. An unwarranted, harsh trap that can be both professionally damaging and personally agonizing. This then, for her fans and for the world, is the real Veena Malik. The artist behind the glamorous facade, the grounded woman behind the mercurial persona, the sensitive, aware, thinking, mature, talented, and most significantly – human, Veena.

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