Good Morning Pakistan Wedding Week(Sadia imam) pictures

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  1. Simi Naz says:


  2. Zilwa Rafeeq says:


  3. Sheher Bano says:

    reema and sahiba are looking super, and sadia imam so so.

  4. Ayesha Ch says:

    sadia imam lookng is going well.

  5. Zari Kayani says:

    Sahiba is luking cte…..

  6. Muskan Ahmed says:

    every one is looking nice………………

  7. Ghazala Khurram says:

    sadia imam looks artificial.

  8. Ghazala Khurram says:

    sadia imam looks artificial.

  9. Saba Jameel says:


  10. Rehana Soomro says:


  11. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. SH Salman says:

    sub janty hen k yeh life fake hay yeh sub moot ko bhool gai hen beshak in ortun per sakht azab aye ga ju duniya main to buhet enjoy kr rahi hen leken akhart ki koi fikar nahi.

    • Saba Fatima says:

      bhai jo batainy krta ha woh khud ko b dhaikay kiun k dhaiknay walay ko is ay b ziada gunah hota ha

    • Hamna Rao says:

      And anyhow why did u opened this browser when u knew it's all about these kinda "ortain"?

    • Ayesha Chahat Butt says:

      I actually agree with this person!mayve I would saay his way was too critical and pinching. But look at what they are spreadin! Excessive use of money on pomp and show! Just to show off? They all are. Looking pretty but come on there is a thing such as modesty too. The morning shows have become so so fancy that isnt fair tou our upcoming generation! Leaving the religious aspect.. Still its not good where your entire nation is suffering hunger and poverty. And they are wasting money ! Humanity has died indeed! If we dont voive up against such things it will encourage the media to make more shows like these :-(

  13. Sana Riaz says:

    sadia apiiii u loookinggggsuperbb nd nidaapiii u preaty shaiba nd reeema awsom nd manyyy other gooooddddddddddddd.

  14. Meh Wish says:

    paisa phenk, tamasha dekh! or kya keh saktay hain ;).

  15. Meh Wish says:

    paisa phenk, tamasha dekh! or kya keh saktay hain ;).

  16. Dev D Dev D says:

    sari pic kamal ki he

  17. Dua Ch says:

    sooo nice wedding and I like ahsan khan and nida yaseer sooo qute.

  18. Dua Ch says:

    sooo nice wedding and I like ahsan khan and nida yaseer sooo qute.

  19. Haadia Junaid says:


  20. Fazila Khan says:

    Amazing pics

  21. Hamna Rani says:

    nida api ap ka show mujhe buhot acha lgta hy u are looking so beautiful and so nice.

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